Many people, young and old alike, come to LA to pursue their dreams and make their fortunes. Students in California are especially susceptible as they are in close proximity to the entertainment capital of the world. The seminar “Knowledge is Power” teaches these students the tools they need to navigate successfully in the entertainment industry, to avoid deception while maintaining a strong sense of self esteem. Too many young people end up on the bottom by “living the high life” – drinking, using drugs, maybe even getting into prostitution, because they want success so badly that they cannot clearly see a way out.

Because no formal education is required to become a celebrity, anyone is eligible to try, and there is plenty of work in commercials, television shows, TV and feature films, fashion shows and print shoots, whether on-camera or off. An industry of agents, managers, acting teachers, and casting directors aimed at helping talent manage the show business maze has sprung up, but those just starting out need to be careful. Even those who aim for non-industry jobs will be affected by the entertainment business and need to be aware of potential pitfalls. Unfortunately where there is money to be made, not everyone is ethical, and knowledge is the only power to ensure safe passage. This seminar “Knowledge is Power” gives the specifics needed to make informed decisions.

The 2 ½ hour seminar led by ARTA Artistic Director Dmitri Boudrine covers:

• An overview of the most pressing legal issues affecting show business employment
• The best way to find an agent or manager
• Crucial advice for choosing acting teachers or schools -- Are they even necessary in the initial stages?
• Key concepts of self-management for beginning actors, models, or their parents
• Development of discipline and self-esteem
• Q & A session involving all aspects of getting started in show business

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At our studios

This seminar with Artistic Director Dmitri Boudrine will acquaint you with the SVC System, its history, and the structure of our classes. The SVC System sheds new light on approaching each acting challenge and equips you with a highly practical set of creative tools to get jobs in film, television and theater.

Seating is limited. Suggested donation is $10 per person. Reservations required.
Call  ARTA at 310.312.4989 or e-mail seminars@arta-la.com


At our studios, or anywhere in the US or Canada

is 2 ½ hours of concentrated discussion and demonstrations that grants immediate improvement in an actor’s performance, whether it be for film, television, or theater. It consists of the following topics:

• Summary of the major techniques that have been based on the Stanislavsky System
• Introduction to the Stanislavsky System and the missing revisions and innovations
• Introduction and explanation of the “Imaginative Realism Technique” developed by Vakhtangov and Chekhov and used by the best actors of stage and screen all over the world
• Practical work with exercises to reinforce the new aspects of the Stanislavsky System as well as the Imaginative Realism Technique
• Q/A session

Suggested donation is $10 per person. Call  ARTA at 310.312.4989 or e-mail seminars@arta-la.com


At our studios, or anywhere in the US or Canada

This unique workshop will thoroughly explain how to avoid rip-off schools and acting classes, unnecessary fees, expensive services, illegitimate agencies, useless representatives, exaggerated promises, fake contacts and deceitful internet services. Participants will be equipped with everything needed to start their acting career and professional networking, on the right foot, saving thousands of dollars and years of frustration. This workshop is extremely helpful for parents who are initiating their children’s acting careers.

Seating is limited for this one day workshop, $65 per person (children free). Reservations required.
Call ARTA at 310.312.4989 or e-mail our Artistic Director at Dmitri@arta-la.com


At our studios, or anywhere in the US or Canada

3 day workshops
Friday   6:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday    10am - 7pm
$350 per person  $150 pre-payment  (15 - 20 people)
For more information call ARTA at 310.312.4989 or e-mail our Artistic Director at Dmitri@arta-la.com