SVC Acting System: Stanislavsky + Vakhtangov + Chekhov

A unique and proven way to learn the REAL, fully formed and developed, with all North American gaps filled in, Konstantin Stanislavsky system( the most influential acting system in the world), ENHANCED by Eugene Vakhtangov and Michael Chekhov, two of the best and most brilliant pupils of Stanislavsky.

Proven physical and psychological exercises from this unique course will assist you in building strong acting skills and enable you to develop your imagination and creativity for truly unforgettable performances.

This course has been practiced for more than half a century in the prestigious Vakhtangov Acting School (Moscow, Russia), considered one of the ten best acting schools in the world.

Dmitri Boudrine, a graduate and an official representative of this institution, has more than 10 years of teaching and acting experience in North America and is teaching the SVC system in North Hollywood at the Michael Chekhov Studio.

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