There is a very unique opportunity here in Los Angeles…
We live in the world’s Entertainment Capital, and as you may realize, there is actually little support for the established actor or director’s creative process. Its often difficult to find the appropriate place where one can work with new materials and ideas, experiment with them, participate in theatrical productions, or learn new techniques according to one’s own artist merits. To do so, very often industry professionals will head elsewhere, to work on independent films or in theaters on the East Coast, which sometimes jeopardizes one’s career or conflicts with already busy schedules.

ARTA – The American Russian Theatrical Alliance, is gathering signatures and compiling sources to successfully launch a new “Eco-friendly” world-class Center, here in Los Angeles. With most of the industry’s talent living and working here, it’s obvious that there exists the opportunity of generating successful quality productions, easily comparable with those of Broadway, or even better. Basically, our aim is to improve “the community” here for established actors and directors; to give them more opportunities to develop artistically, experiment with new ideas and a diversity of other artists, as well as create projects for financial profit.

ARTA proposes the solution:


Here is a tentative blueprint :

  • One theater for 250-300 people for all types of events (drama, musicals, screenings, etc.) It will be the main theater for the proposed Center. Artists will choose their involvement in any desirable way; as an actor, producer, director, artistic consultant, as a mentor, etc.
  • One theater for 99 people for smaller theatrical productions which will also be used as a private theater for experimental works and various other industry-specific needs
  • Two or three rehearsal spaces that will also be used for auditions, workshops, show cases, table readings etc.
  • Establishment of Community Outreach Program (Arts Reaching Children)
  • Several offices for administration and technical support
  • Security and confidentiality will be a highest priority for the whole Center, so that established industry professionals will be able to work in anonymity if they wish
  • Both venues will have equipment and screens that will allow them to be used as film screening venues
  • Both venues will be converted to be “Eco-friendly Green” buildings


We need a place in Hollywood that gives established actors more choices…
The idea of having such a Center where the general public can watch popular artists perform live, as in most other major cities in the world, is being seen as extremely commercially viable. One cannot overestimate Star-power in Hollywood and its affect worldwide. Already at this stage, several industry insiders are seriously interested in financing this project. All they have requested is proof that Los Angeles’ established artistic community is interested in and supportive of this idea.

At this point, we are not requesting personal involvement in creating this project.
But please do let us know that you would like to see
this kind of theater and media center in Los Angeles.

After we collect enough Letters of Support, we will be able to commence with a formalized business plan. Thereupon, we are truly willing to accept input to collaborate and create the best environment for the needs and interests of serious creative artists. Also, if you wish, when we begin project development our team will keep you informed of its progress via newsletter.


Seeking to promote increased cultural awareness, The American Russian Theatrical Alliance's mission is to unite these two great cultures through the collaboration of serious accomplished artists in diverse projects and performances of local and international significance. More specifically, our aim has been to create social and cultural alliances through theatre, film, and educational outreach services. Ultimately, we hope to make our sometimes-hectic world a better place. We strive to create services and productions that delight and inspire all to live more peaceable in the world.


The Main Center (larger theater) will be in a complex preferably in the Hollywood area. A smaller theater with additional facilities and offices in Burbank/ Studio City area would be ideal. Both facilities will also be rentable for events.

YOUR INTEREST IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. We hope you do sign our Letter of Support.

Yours in art,

Dmitri Boudrine,
ARTA Artistic Director